African Lake Tanganyika cichlid – Tropheus ilangi

Photos from Tropheus ilangi African Lake Tanganyika cichlid:

These photos are pretty dated, and some are in very poor quality.

Tropheus ilangi photo gallery:

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  1. Allison says:

    I am thinking of getntig cichlids as I grew up with them and oscars. I currently have huge large ballas and catfish. I also have a chinease algae eater and he is really big. I know they will defend themselves as long as they have a small cave they can fit in to get away from the other fish if needed. Do you have caves? I have a large rock that has holes all over in it but when I need to catch him we were in the garage with it for almost 10 minutes trying to get him out. I am gonna keep him and see if he works. They get aggresive when there older and he is older now. Try and find an older larger one instead of babies.

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