South American cichlid – Astronotus Orbicularis Videoclip

Videoclip from Astronotus Orbicularis South American cichlid:

Astronotus Orbicularis:

An old video shoot of my Astronotus Orbicularis F1 group from 2006.
I noticed “odd” behavior in group so decided to record it.
One can study/learn alot from such “odd” “courtship behavior”:
* Rapid/Heavy breathing
* Note the eyes
* Vertical stand
* Making self bigger
* Head shaking
* Gills
* Jaw locking
* How 2 of them gets out casted
* Coop behaviors
* Power testings
* Slow-motion movements yet very coordinated and powerful
* Rapid color changing
* and many more interesting “non daily” behaviors.
note: these are not your common and well known “Oscar cichlid” ie Astronotus Ocellatus.

These Astronotus Orbicularis group are probably one of my favorite & most interesting cichlids i ever cared for, actually miss them pretty much…unfortunately i had to pass the torch to someone else after taking care of them for 3+ years.

If you ever have the honor to care for these species make sure you variate there diet allot, eg many types of self made/or prepared menus, protein rich diet and vitamins.
Never feed your Astronotus Orbicularis or Astronotus Ocellatus goldfish…they are just living toxic to your Oscar.
If you want to give them live feeders, breed your own Poecilias, Xiphophorus etc. as long its quarantined and your own breeds….this will make sure that you do not introduce any new diseases into your tank.
I assume you already know how important tank filtering is for such messy eaters…and also your tank water parameters…etc.

One reads many articles that how aggressive a Oscar can be, from my experience with Astronotus Ocellatus, Astronotus Orbicularis F1 & Astronotus sp. F0….
compared with other cichlids they are very laidback and tolerating, eg a Vieja Synspilum is way more aggressive then any Astronotus Ocellatus/Orbicularis.

That said dont forget when a Astronotus Ocellatus/Orbicularis is having fry’s or spawning they will enter a very aggressive state.

Every Oscar owner has tons of story about them Oscars… someday i will document interesting aspects about this beautiful, full of color & stunning cichlids called Astronotus Orbicularis.

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